It's cumin up again. 

  emperor norton day is coming up!  the usual spot - Ole Molloys - Mission Road, Colma.
 Graveside gathering set for 10:31 to celebrate ECV's Legendary Brother.
 Then converge on Molloys to lick yer wounds from the Holidaze, and kick
 off ClampYear 601


Emperor Norton I grave site @ 1031 Fer those of you who need a reminder!  There'll be a quiz later!. 

ClampRevelry to follow Reverence Speechification at 'Ole Molloys' on Mission Street, Colma.

The Rafflemeisters have obtained some unique  items for your viewing and winning pleasure.  They will gladly accept any donations of books, oddities, to aid their sales efforts on January 5.   

The Emperor is dispatching the Vituscan Crab Fleet TO BRING IN A LOAD OF THESE DELECTABLE sea BUGS TO SATISFY THE HUNGER PAINS OF THE MASS OF BRETHREN IN ATTENDANCE.  The Savory bugs will be accompanied by salad, bread, and wine.  Be sure note on your check the alternate offering of a Giant floyd sub sandwich TO GDR stephen "scooter" mitchell for those who choose not to eat our delicious crustacean friends.



Like last year and every year, Norton Day is a pre-reg event & all proceeds benefit the
 Old Timers Museum in Murphys.  Grub Stubs will NOT be sent out.

To get on the check-in list send $45 to:

 stephen "scooter" mitchell
279 lexington ave.
san leandro, alta ca. 94577

Make checks payable to YB1 or Norton Brigade

Dust needs be mailed to GDR stephen "scooter" mitchell not later than 28 December 2012

all redshirts will present themselves, in person, to gdr Shrimp for grub stub and pin of the day 

No grub stub "pick ups".  you must pick yer own stub.

hawkers, please, no female ass hawkers

Molloy's Tavern

is Located At

1655 Mission Rd
colma, city of the dead, alta CA

(650) 755-1580

e clampsus vitus - yerba buena #1- capitulis redivivus

for info call xNGH nils "hagar" anderson



NGH Zeke van de bogart


Columbo Club Jan 3


Click Here For Printable Proc