Yerba Buena #1

Humbug IN/OUT

March 7, 6010

Happy New Year to all Brothers!  may you and your family prosper.  The seventh of March will see the congregation of Brethren come to celebrate the 67th NGH Stephen "Scooter" Mitchell, passing of the "Pregnant Clam" to the next Brother, Bob "Jagar" Proctor.  It is now Jagar's time to "take the reigns"  as 68th Humbug and lead YB#1 to the promised land!   "Jagar" has plans to take the brethren on some very interesting treks during his ngh term.

So, feel free to join the gathering of redshirts for libations, tomfoolery, Vituscan music, food, and ceremonies that even your Widder can enjoy too!  Anytime after 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.

there will be a graybeard meeting at 9am, so please don't arrive until 10am.


405 Terry Francois Bl

San Franciso, Alta, California

Point yer horseless carriage towards San Francisco and in the direction of ATT Park!  At 3rd Street turn left and go over 3rd street bridge.  MHPYC will be on your left, past the parking lots and next to the shoreline!